Senior Celebration 2021

With the on-going global pandemic, every single person in our community has suffered some type of hardship, loss or disappointment. It's hard to plan for the future when variables are constantly shifting and there are many unknowns.  One thing we can be certain of is we want to celebrate our Seniors and give them the best year possible, even in these unpredictable times.


For those of you unfamiliar with Post Prom, it's an event organized by the PTSA and Post Prom Committee that runs after Prom from midnight to 5 am. This event provides our children a fun, safe environment on school property to continue the celebration of Prom, but also is one of the final events of their high school experience, in which all students are able to attend together, hang out with their friends and peers and bond as a class.

Being that there is no certainty that our Seniors will have a Prom this Spring, we have decided to approach Post Prom differently this year.  Instead of focusing on only Post Prom for our children, we're going to celebrate all our Seniors the whole school year with gear/events/surprises. Therefore we've renamed the committee for this year, The Senior Celebration Committee.  We thank you for your ongoing support for the High School North Class of 2021!  Go Knights!

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